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Does your current client delivery system feel unexciting, limiting, and boring? Maybe you're still using good old google drive or dropbox to deliver your client's wedding films. If the answer to these is yes, it's time to level up your video delivery experience with Vidflow.     

Vidflow is a pay-per-use online platform that allows you to deliver fully-branded websites for each of your clients. While being incredibly affordable, Vidflow is accessible on mobile, desktop, and smart TVs with included long-term hosting so that your clients can truly enjoy the entire experience when receiving their wedding films.     

You can find Vidflow on Instagram or visit their website and use our code WGY20 for 20% off a yearly premium membership and level up your client experience!!


With how much time you’ve spent creating photos + videos for your couples, don’t you think they deserve a beautiful physical delivery as well? Rospins crafts incredible handmade keepsake boxes and stunning custom thumb drives that completely up-level your delivery through high-quality products, all handmade in-house!
With 16 elegant linen colors, custom imprinting + foiling, and their many thumb drive options, Rospins has something to fit every brand and style…a true wedding creative's DREAM!
We can speak from experience after having used Rospins for our own clients (and hearing them completely rave about them) that Rospins custom boxes and thumb drives add SO much more value to your delivery while continuing to keep your clients at the center.
The best part? Rospins wants to partner with YOU and help your branding and client experience grow. Use the code WGY10 to get 10% off your order today at!


Second Society is a platform for videographers and photographers built with high-level shooters all across the US and is here to answer the ongoing struggle of being able to find a lead or second shooter for your wedding. To join the community, you can list yourself as a second or lead shooter looking for work, OR you can list that you'll be the one searching for your perfect fit. No more messaging handfuls of people, with Second Society you can filter your search by availability, location, the gear they shoot with, hourly pay, and so much more. When you've discovered one or a few instant matches, you can review their work directly through the website platform and easily send one bulk message. This process of finding lead and second shooters deserves to be easy and efficient and that's exactly what Second Society has proven to do.

Join the community at and use our
code WGY20 for 20% off any membership plan!!

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