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about the we got you podcast

The We Got You Podcast, curated for wedding photographers and videographers, dives deep into the strategies and tactics to transition a side hustle in the wedding industry into a thriving full-time career, hosted by Emma K Films and Hannah Brooke Photography.

Covering a variety of topics from both the hosts’ firsthand experiences and reputable guest speakers' insights crucial for business growth, they explore the art of marketing within your niche, discussing effective ways to attract and retain clients, leverage social media, build a strong online presence, and so much more.

Emma and Hannah don't shy away from discussing the challenges of the wedding industry and offer realistic solutions to navigate them successfully. They emphasize the importance of networking, establishing meaningful relationships with clients, and continuously honing one's craft to stand out in a competitive market.

Their podcast serves as a comprehensive guide, empowering aspiring and established wedding photographers and videographers with the knowledge and motivation needed to turn their passion into a thriving and sustainable business career.


Emma is an LA-based filmmaker who specializes in documenting luxury weddings and events worldwide. With only 5 years in the industry, she has had the honor of filming over 100 exclusive weddings and events worldwide in places like the Maldives, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and all across the country. She was named Top 20 Wedding Videographers in the US by Wed Vibes in 2023 and has been featured in world-renowned publications such as People, Brides, ESPN, The Wed, and more. She is also the founder of The Wedding Filmmaker Workshop, a luxury multi-day, in-person experience created with the intention to elevate and change your career as a filmmaker.




Photographer, Educator, Podcast Host, Wife, Business Owner, Traveler…Hannah is a West-Coast based luxury destination wedding photographer. She has been traveling worldwide for the last 6 years photographing love stories from Italy, to the Maldives, Mexico, and all over the States. Having years of experience, she has documented hundreds of different wedding days, surprise proposals, and destination engagement sessions. Her work has been featured in People Magazine and ESPN.



“One of the best investments you will make in your business/filmmaking career,"


Alex Pizarro productions

“Emma & Hannah were supportive and helpful with any questions I had for my business, as they look over my branding and how to improve to attract the right clients. They provided lots of insights on what I needed to improve on to scale my business. I really like the amount of knowledge and experience they had to provide. Also their available resources they shared is worth every penny. I would highly recommend in investing on a mentorship call with both of them!”

"Their guidance has already made a significant impact, and we feel more confident in navigating the intricacies of our business."


Kolby and Sara, The Copes Duo

"It was truly invaluable for our small business. Both Hannah & Emma exuded kindness and encouragement throughout the session. Emma’s insights on refining our social media presence and portfolio were eye-opening, providing us with a clear direction on how to succeed in these crucial areas. On the same note, Hannah’s expertise shone through as she offered informative advice on enhancing our website and optimizing our pricing strategy. We highly recommend the mentorship sessions from We Got You – it’s a game-changer! Thank you dearly, ladies, for your time and encouragement."

"They helped give me more confidence in my business and walked me through restructuring my pricing and nailing down my client workflow."


myla garlitz photos

"Emma and Hannah are absolutely phenomenal! They provide such amazing and invaluable education for FREE through their podcast. I wanted a bit more extensive education beyond the WGY pod, so reached out to them for a mentorship and it could not have gone better. It was so great to meet the both of them, they were so sweet and extremely helpful. They helped give me more confidence in my business and walked me through restructuring my pricing and nailing down my client workflow. I recommend a mentorship with these lovely girls 1000% !!"